Electric hot water – in an instant

Electric hot water – in an instant_1

Continued innovation and development in water heating technologies has led to instantaneous units growing in popularity. A combination of innovative design, increased energy efficiency and compact size are allowing these products to help stimulate the residential hot water sector.

As their name suggests, units provide hot water instantly and immediately, but only when it’s needed. They work on the principle that when a tap, for example, is turned on, cold water is piped into a heat exchanger, where its temperature is increased before coming out; the result is instant hot water.

With such a simple heating process, instantaneous hot water heaters are considerably smaller than conventional products reliant on a storage tank, making them easy to install and perfect for applications where space is at a premium. This is particularly advantageous in flats and smaller houses, as there is no need for a separate cylinder. The latest instantaneous units are capable of supplying multiple outlets – such as a sink and shower (one outlet at a time – not simultaneously) – with instant hot water on demand. This ensures there’s minimal waste and no time spent waiting for the water to heat up or reach a remote tap.

Units can also provide hot water at all times of the day to suit a property’s needs, while enhancing energy efficiency. In fact, by eliminating heat loss and reducing energy consumption, modern electric instantaneous water heaters – such as Ariston’s Aures Slim Multi – are rated ErP energy class ‘A’, the highest level of efficiency achievable.

Finally, as instantaneous units are not part of a centralised system (with the water being heated directly near the draw off point), there is no possibility of legionella bacteria forming. They also don’t need regular flushing or any tank maintenance, ensuring there’s no health risk posed.

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