Wall-Hung Condensing Combi Boiler

Wall-Hung Condensing Combi Boiler, GENUS ONE NET | Ariston
24kW, 30kW, and 35kW models available

Ariston’s top of the range Genus ONE Net is a bundle of high-end, eco-friendly technology. It pushes efficiency boundaries with its A+ ErP rating*, comes Boiler Plus ready straight out of the box and has a 12-year warranty as standard.

Ariston’s patented Xtratech™ stainless steel heat exchanger is at the heart of the Genus ONE Net for better heating, and better reliability.

The Genus ONE Net comes Ariston NET ready with our modulating Cube RF wireless thermostat all included in the box
* if used with controls provided in the box (Cube RF modulating room sensor)

  • Xtratech™ stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 12-year warranty
  • Built in Wi-Fi & digital timer programming
  • “A+” ErP rated for optimum energy efficiency with supplied controls
  • Cube RF and receiver included in the box
  • Boiler Plus ready out of the box
  • Ariston Net ready out of the box for smartphone control
  • Low NOx ratings (from 33mg/kWh)
  • Combustion control system (allows boiler to operate from mains gas or LPG without a conversion kit required)
  • Built-in Internet Weather function
  • 1:10 modulation ratio
  • Digital pressure gauge, touch buttons, and sleek design
  • Quiet operation starting at 51dB
  • Lightweight unit starting at 35kG
  • High domestic hot water flow rates
  • “Auto” function technology
  • Comfort function












  • Installation and Maintenance
    • Lightweight and easy to install
      With weights starting from just 29.7kg, it is easy to hang this boiler on the wall, while installation is straightforward, thanks to the simple to fit connections, wiring and flue.
    • Extra space
      There is more room inside for engineers to work on the boiler, aiding installation, commissioning, servicing and repair, with easy frontal access to all components.
    • Robust
      The boiler benefits from a strong, durable and lightweight chassis, with no sharp edges.
    • Colour coded
      Installing accessories is made even more straightforward thanks to the unique coding system where parts will only fit in the slots of a matching colour.
    • Ariston branded components
      Major components are now Ariston branded for complete confidence in quality and peace of mind. Accept no imitations!
    • Upgrade existing Ariston boilers
      Fully compatible with Ariston’s current range of accessories, the new boiler also has all connections in the same places – enabling an easy retrofit in place of an existing Ariston boiler.
  • Usability and Controllability
    • Quieter running
      A new and improved silencer and the latest soundproofing technology ensure this boiler range is the quietest Ariston has ever produced, with noise levels at 49-51dB across the range. These levels are similar to those of a domestic fridge freezer.
    • Easy to set up
      Low voltage connections, colour coded wiring and a well-designed circuit board ensure it is easy to set up and pair the boiler with the latest Ariston controls.
    • Easy to use
      A large LCD display with touch buttons and stunning fascia has been designed with ease of use and innovative technology in mind.
    • Full range of controls
      Ariston’s latest wired and wireless controls are easy to operate, offering end users energy management tips, alongside modern styling.
    • Zoning
      Full zone management kits are available, with the latest Ariston controls capable of managing up to six separate heating zones.

Stainless steel heat exchangers are exceptionally robust and operate well in a wide range of pH values, providing resistance to corrosion.

142% wider waterways
Wider pipes allow water to pass through the heat exchanger more effectively, with less risk of blockages from debris. This extra width also allows hot water to pass through the heat exchanger quicker.

Better transfer of heat
The enhanced single coil heat exchanger is robust and highly efficient, thanks to an improved condensing surface and increased hydraulic performance. This also allows for constant water speeds and a reduced chance of blockages, ensuring a long lifespan.

Continuous coil heat exchanger
Being manufactured from one continuous coil improves energy efficiency while ensuring smoother running of boiler.

TÜV Rheinland certified
Tested and certified for safety, quality and usability by a renowned, independent European body, the TÜV mark offers reassurance to installers and end users alike.


All ONE Series boilers include a built-in ‘AUTO’ function, which enhances boiler performance and aids energy efficiency. It monitors the ideal temperature for the heating system – reducing peaks in flow temperature and optimising efficiency.

Activating the function enables the boiler to automatically choose the ideal output for the central heating circuit, by gradually increasing in power until a room reaches the set temperature, while guaranteeing no excessive peaks.

With the ‘AUTO’ function activated, the boiler consumes less gas and electricity, avoiding on/off cycles and fluctuations in flow temperature. When used alongside the latest heating controls, further savings can be achieved. For example, when used in conjunction with an outdoor sensor with a modulating control, savings in excess of 6% can be achieved compared to a standard condensing boiler without similar controls.


Another function available is ‘COMFORT’ mode, which ensures the water contained inside the secondary (plate to plate) heat exchanger is kept in a pre-heated condition. Turning the ‘COMFORT’ function on ensures the boiler can deliver domestic hot water almost instantaneously when required.

This innovative feature keeps the secondary heat exchanger warmed up, even during periods of inactivity. Benefits of this function include reduced heat up waiting times and less cold water wastage.


With the new combustion control system, installers simply selects the relevant gas setting and the boiler automatically switches to natural gas or LPG without any further hassle. This allows the boiler to be fitted in off-mains gas areas, while retaining all the benefits associated with Ariston’s high efficiency products.


Wall-Hung Condensing Combi Boiler, GENUS ONE NET | Ariston



The Genus ONE Net comes with Ariston’s latest modulating room sensor, the Cube RF, included in the box.

When installed with the Genus ONE Net you can reach achieve A+ energy efficiency on your heating system and will meet the Boiler Plus requirements. 

The Cube RF is a premium wireless device with a sleek Italian design staying true to the Ariston family.

Its quick and easy installation process means you can benefit from the latest modulating technology pairing maximum comfort with maximum efficiency.


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