The renewable heat pump technology used by Nuos converts heat from the air into energy for domestic hot water, ensuring up to 75% energy saving* compared to traditional electric storage water heaters.
The modulating power provided by the Inverter Technology and the electronic expansion valve installed in the refrigerant circuit allow to reach a temperature of up to 62°C with the most efficient COP in the market, with short heating-up time and low noise.
For added efficiency, Nuos can be conveniently coupled with a boiler. Moreover, all models boast an energy class A+.
Available in both 200L direct and 250L indirect models, the NUOS Plus is the ideal solution for energy efficient hot water requirements if you are looking to add in some renewable technology to your home or you are off the gas grid.











  • Coefficient of performance (COP) 3.14
  • Higly efficient thermal insulation to maximise savings
  • 1 magnesium anode to protect against corrosion
  • "Plug & Play" - no F-Gas qualifications needed to install
  • Can be installed with supplied air deflector grilles for added flexibility
  • Anti-legionella & anti-freezing functions for added peace of mind
  • Fully compliant with KIWA regulations
  • Super silent 55dB operation


Nuos only uses 1/3 of the electric energy necessary to heat water compared to a traditional water heater. The C.O.P. (Coefficient of Performance) defines the efficiency of the heat pump through the ratio between the energy given. This C.O.P. will vary depending on the temperature of the air which is taken by the unit.



Green Function

If GREEN mode is selected, only the heat pump works, ensuring the most efficient operation. Max achievable temperature in GREEN mode is 55°C.

Boost FunctionIf BOOST mode is activated, the heat pump and heating element work at the same time. This mode has to be manually selected by the end user every time hot water is required in as short a time as possible. Max temperature in BOOST mode is 65°C

AUTO FunctionIn Auto mode only the heat pump works. However, should the set temperature be higher than 55°C, the heating element is activated,in order to achieve energy saving and the max quantity of hot water. Max temperature in AUTO mode is 65°C

Anti-Legionella FunctionTo guarantee maximum safety and hygiene, NUOS Plus heat pump water heaters feature the anti-legionnella function. This function regularly heats the contents of the tank to 65°C in order to pasteurise the stored water.

Flexible ProgrammingWith the NUOS Plus heat pump water heater, it is possible to set two water draw off times. By monitoring both the stored water and the ambient air temperatures NUOS will start automatically to ensure that the stored water reaches the desired temperature at the time set by the user. 

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