Ariston’s NUOS calls last orders on high energy bills

Ariston’s NUOS calls last orders on high energy bills_1

An Ariston NUOS FS 200 heat pump water heater has been installed to cater for the hot water demands of The Glencairn pub and restaurant in Dumbarton, Scotland, following a consultation between its owners and local plumbing and heating company Alternagas Ltd.

The decision to fit the NUOS arose after Alternagas Ltd’s Director, John Lavery, set up an energy monitor on the venue’s old immersion heater in November 2012, following concerns from the pub’s owners about water heating costs. He was dismayed to discover that, on average, 38kWh per day was being consumed to heat the hot water. This, coupled with water delivery problems from low temperatures and high usage, resulted in Ariston’s NUOS heat pump water heater being installed in January 2013.

John then fitted the energy monitor to the NUOS  and was very impressed with the results, as he explained: “The average reading is now down to 13kWh a day on the AUTO setting, so there are even better savings to be made when the air temperature goes up and the GREEN mode is activated. These savings, in addition to solving the water delivery issues and legionella compliance, have made the NUOS a first class answer to the water heating problem.”

Plus, as the NUOS is installed in the cellar area, the pub’s owners have also reported cooler beers and the need for less refrigeration, as the exhaust air from the product is helping to keep the room temperature at the level required. As a result, both John and the owners of The Glencairn pub and restaurant have reported that they are very impressed with the heat pump water heater.