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Benchmark certification


What is Benchmark?

Benchmark is a nationally recognised scheme administered by the HHIC (Heating & Hotwater Industry Council), outlining the responsibilities of both, manufacturers and installers, regarding safety and efficiency of heating and hot water products. It ensures compliance with Building Regulations in England and Wales and best practice in installation, commissioning and servicing.
The Benchmark commissioning checklist serves as written proof that the installation has been carried out complying to this industry standard by a qualified installer and the service has been provided in line with Benchmark Code of Practice.
The Benchmark Scheme covers heating and hot water equipment and related products, including:
  • Gas fired heating and hot water systems
  • Hot water storage cylinders
  • Water treatment products
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Oil and gas cookers/boilers
  • Warm air heating systems
  • Micro-CHP
The Benchmark Commissioning Checklist can be found on the last pages of the boiler installation manual. Installers are required to complete it to confirm they have competently installed and commissioned products in line with Ariston’s instructions.
The completed checklist serves as evidence that the boiler has been correctly installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, in line with the Ariston’s instructions and complies with the appropriate Building Regulations.
When completing the checklist, the installer also confirms that they have shown the householder how to use the boiler and controls.

Benchmark's effect on the boiler warranty


The terms and conditions for Ariston's warranties include the following requirements:


  • The Benchmark commissioning checklist, which can be found at the back of the installation instructions, must be completed in full by the installer.
  • The completed Benchmark checklist must be left with the boiler or be made available upon request by any attending Ariston representative.
  • The boiler must be registered with Ariston within 30 days from date of installation.
  • The boiler must be serviced by the 12 month anniversary of the installation. This must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


For more information please see the HHIC Customer information: "Benchmark checklist for new boiler installation".