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Servicing Your Product

To keep your Ariston gas boiler or unvented cylinder working efficiently and safely, we recommend that it's best to get your appliance serviced every year. If still in guarantee, your appliance must be serviced within 12 months of its installation to maintain the warranty.

This must be carried out by a competent engineer.

Gas Boilers - Service & Warranty Packages

All Ariston products are manufactured to the highest standards however, like any electrical and mechanical components they can malfunction. At Ariston we care about our customers and therefore offer a variety of service and warranty packages to suit your needs.


During the service routine, our Ariston technician will inspect and check all the main parts of the boiler and flue and in addition carry out a combustion test to ensure that it is working both safely and economically.




Annual Service


Fixed Cost Repair

Includes all boiler all parts and labour


Fixed Cost Repair + Annual Service

Includes all boiler all parts and labour - £25 saving


Fixed Cost Repair + 1 Year Extended Warranty


Fixed Cost Repair, Annual Service & 1 Year Extended Warranty


Annual Service & 1 Year Extended Warranty

1 year warranty against breakdown of any boiler component and includes all all parts and labour


1 Year Extended Warranty

1 year warranty against breakdown of any boiler component and includes all parts and labour



Terms and Conditions for Service, Fixed Cost Repair and Extended Warranty. We currently offer Service or Fixed Cost Repair for these Ariston boilers: E-Combi, E-System, Clas HE, Clas HE System, Genus HE and Genus HE System. Depending on the exact model, we may not be able to cover some boilers over 7 years old. For further advice regarding this and all other boilers, please call Customer Service on 0333 240 8777. The boiler must be registered with Ariston and a serial number provided if necessary. Full annual service history should be available on site. Please be advised that we may not be able to provide servicing or fixed cost repairs or extended warranty in certain areas where engineer coverage is not available.

*Exclusions from Service, Fixed Cost Repair and Extended Warranty: Boiler parts that will be excluded from the Fixed Cost Repair are: the heat exchanger, expansion vessel, pump, flue and all parts external to the boiler including pipework and radiators. For Fixed Cost Repair and Extended Warranty, we are also unable to cover any parts affected by sludge or contamination from your central heating system or any parts affected by installation defects. Evidence of any contamination or sludge and install defects will always be provided to the boiler owner. In these situations wherever we can, it may be possible to carry out a temporary repair – however such a repair cannot be deemed in any way to be a permanent fix and should the problem re-occur then Ariston cannot be held responsible. We are unable to carry out a service or repair on any boiler not fitted to manufacturer’s instructions including incorrect clearances. We may not be able to complete repairs on boilers that are  in poor condition due to lack of servicing.  If your boiler is fitted in a loft space there must be a fixed ladder, permanent lighting and fixed interlocking boarding for health and safety – without these our engineer will be unable to carry out the repair. If we are not able to work on or repair your boiler for any of the above reasons  or we are unable to gain access to the property at the agreed time, you will be refunded the amount originally paid minus a callout fee of £70.00.  

Book Your Service

To book a service on your Ariston appliance, please contact our service team on 0333 240 8777. Terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.