The Sun, an infinite source of energy

Solar Thermal

Did you know that every 40 minutes, the sun provides the Earth with more energy than we use in a year? Just by enjoying a drink with friends and the sun has provided us with sufficient energy for another 365 days. But is it really so? Not exactly.

To take advantage of solar energy, there are two different technologies that are often confused: photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

What's the difference?
While the photovoltaic system turns solar energy directly into electricity, solar thermal systems capture the sun's energy and convert it into thermal energy. The operation is simple. Inside the tubes of the manifold, a liquid captures the solar energy and converts it to thermal energy. In this “way ”, the solar panel is capable of heating large quantities of water to temperatures between 50° C and 160° C to be used when needed. It's a solution that offers maximum comfort combining energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental responsibility.
With a solar thermal system you reduce your gas bill, lengthen the life of your boiler and improve the environment you live in by reducing the production of CO2.