Learning from habitual hot water usage

Learning from habitual hot water usage_1

Our previous blog looked at handwashing in the workplace, highlighting the importance of hygiene and reducing the spread of germs around offices and retail outlets. Of course, a greater emphasis being placed on regular handwashing will undoubtedly lead to it happening more regularly, and more hot water being required throughout the working day.

On average, 27% of an office-based business’s water is used on washing, with another 10% used in canteen and cleaning facilities.* Now, given the current climate will see handwashing becoming more frequent than before, this figure could be even higher. As a result, when relying on electric water heaters to keep clean, it’s important there is always hot water readily available.

Advances in water heating technology have led to products being developed for just this purpose. Indeed, our Andris Lux Eco, Pro1 Eco and Velis Evo range of electric water heaters all benefit from Ariston’s pioneering ‘Eco Evo’ function – an electronic control with automatic learning software, which learns and memorises user habits. This ensures that water is already heated and ready for use at regular times throughout the working week, allowing staff to wash their hands or do their washing up without having to wait. For workplaces with shower rooms, the software will also ensure there is lashings of hot water available for a shower, should any members of staff cycle to work or enjoy a lunchtime workout.

From an efficiency perspective, the Eco Evo function also offers annual energy savings of up to 14% – the equivalent to running an A+ rated fridge-freezer for approximately a year – helping business owners to make great savings on their electricity bills.

For more tech-savvy business owners, there’s also the option of combining the Velis Evo Wi-Fi twin tank electric water heater with the Aqua Ariston Net app. This smart control allows full management and monitoring of hot water usage from the palm of your hand, via your smartphone or tablet. You can shuffle through modes and turn the electric water heater on remotely for a hot shower at the perfect time, as well as monitor energy consumption to achieve savings of up to 25% using daily and weekly programming.

By embracing electric water heaters with the latest technology and modern functionality, business owners can ensure their workforce can wash their hands as and when needed, without having to wait for water to heat up. This is extremely beneficial in terms of employees’ personal hygiene, as well as their levels of comfort and wellbeing.