Handwashing in the workplace

Handwashing in the workplace_1

With many employees across the UK either back in their workplaces or planning on returning in the next few months, personal hygiene and regular handwashing has become an important part of everyday life. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more conscious than ever about keeping their hands clean to prevent the spread of germs – both at home and at work.

Whether it’s an office, factory or a retail outlet, recent events have taught us that soap and hot water are essential in keeping people healthy and preventing the spread of viruses and other ailments. A lot of work environments, like shops and offices, are frequented by large numbers of people every day; the perfect environment for germs and illnesses to develop. Taking this into account, the handwashing facilities available may need to be reassessed and adjusted accordingly after lockdown – either for health and safety compliance, or to ensure employees feel and remain safe.

Modern electric water heaters are extremely energy efficient and can be easily fitted over a sink or basin to provide businesses with suitable handwashing facilities to keep their staff protected and clean. There are certainly plenty of models to choose from, including wall mounted point of use electric water heaters, instantaneous electric water heaters and electric storage water heaters. Each of these are available in a range of capacities and offer their own benefits – you can find out more information on which water heater is right for you and your business here.

Whatever electric water heater is installed, it’s equally important that workers in office and retail environments wash their hands properly, adhering to NHS advice and washing them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Businesses should be aware this will have the knock-on effect of increasing hot water usage, as people now look to wash their hands at every available opportunity – so make sure to fit electric water heaters that can cope with this extra demand! From a monetary perspective, the enhanced efficiency of modern units means you won’t break the bank, despite this increased need for hot water.

Employers can further boost hand hygiene by putting up signs and reminders near sinks and basins encouraging staff to wash and dry their hands thoroughly. Handwashing is advised when arriving home or getting into work, prior to eating or handling food, and whenever you blow your nose, sneeze or cough. While it may seem obvious, proper handwashing will remove dirt, viruses and bacteria – and, most importantly of all, prevent them spreading to other people. Hygiene can be improved even further if electric water heaters such as our own Andris Lux Eco are used, as these benefit from anti-legionella functionality to ensure any hot water is free from contaminants.

We are currently living in unusual times, but by combining the latest electric water heaters with a sensible approach to handwashing in the workplace, people can go about their jobs feeling safe, confident and clean.