Compact water heaters for modern homes

Compact electric water heaters for modern homes_1

Size matters, especially when it comes to modern properties. However, it’s certainly not a case of ‘the bigger the better’, with the average new UK home being 92m2 (or 990 square feet) in size.* Homes in city centres are even smaller, with some measuring a mere 64 m2 – that’s only just bigger than a squash court! Then, inside, the average sized UK bathroom is reportedly around 4.4m2, which isn’t much bigger than a king-sized bed, so it’s no exaggeration to say space is at a premium!

Fortunately, the whole building trade has responded proactively, but none more than those in the heating and hot water sectors. Here, modern technology has provided an increased focus on versatility, accessibility and compactness, as well as energy efficiency. This is certainly true when it comes to electric water heaters, as units are required to fit seamlessly into smaller spaces in modern kitchens and bathrooms, whether in an undersink cupboard, or discreetly onto a wall.

Modern electric water heaters have the added benefit of being tankless – and not requiring a separate cylinder – which plays a key role in ensuring their compact size. Without requiring a large, constant reservoir of water, such models don’t require masses of storage space, making them easy to mount on walls or store in cupboards, fitting inside even the tightest nooks and crannies.

There are many options available, with different capacities suitable for varying levels of usage, from compact instantaneous water heaters like our Aures Slim Multi to small electric storage water heaters such as Andris Lux and Andris Lux Eco, all of which can supply water to outlets such as a kitchen sink or bathroom basin in a small property. Larger capacity units, such as our 45L or 80L Velis Evo range, are also super slim (only 27cm depth) so don’t take up too much space while catering to more hot water usage. More details on their features and benefits can be found here.

With modern properties getting smaller, and this trend showing no sign of changing, it’s imperative that homes utilise the smartest, space saving technology available, especially when it comes to heating and hot water products. For this reason, electric water heaters are becoming the preferred option, particularly over hot water cylinders – so if you want to find out which is the right one for your project, contact our technical and customer services teams to find out more – we’re here to help!


* Source: Centre for Cities / BBC News online February 2020