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Assessing your electric water heating options

Ariston - Electric Water Heating range

Modern electric water heaters are quick and easy to install, offering a great alternative to traditional cylinder-based systems. Requiring only connection to the electric circuit, cold water feed and some safety devices, you can use these products independently or ‘bolted on’ to existing systems. However, when selecting an electric water heater, there are a few factors to consider to ensure the product you choose is best suited to the job in hand.


To vent or not to vent?

When looking at small capacity units, wall mounted, vented electric water heaters are a good place to start, as these are simple to install. Usually positioned directly over a sink, they are suitable for occasional use areas, such as garden sheds and small offices, where there is limited space.

While vented electric water heaters allow release of pressure through an open-outlet spout, unvented systems are plumbed in and pressurised. This ensures excellent flow rates that match the incoming water pressure. Unvented products are connected to a mixer tap, allowing end-users to control their hot water, even if the unit is located under a sink or in a cupboard.

Small unvented electric water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in properties not connected to the gas network or in buildings isolated from the main domestic hot water system. Due to their compact size, you can also easily fit them into commercial properties, building sites, bathrooms or offices.


Bigger capacity

For larger properties with higher demand for hot water, larger capacity, ‘medium platform’ electric water heaters are required. Models matching modern interior designs have grown in popularity, as have electric water heaters with the latest built-in ‘smart’ technology. There are even ultra slim units available, such as our Velis Evo Wi-Fi, which benefits from twin tank technology with independent heating elements, ensuring more hot water is readily available – ideal for shower rooms, kitchens and bathrooms with higher domestic hot water demand.


Instant hot water

When space is at premium, we have a more compact option available in the form of instantaneous water heaters which, as their name suggests, heat water as and when required. They can also be referred to as tankless, continuous flow, in-line, on-demand or instant-on water heaters. These units instantly heat water as it flows through them, without retaining any internally, except for a small amount surrounding the heat exchanger coil.

Our Aures Slim Multi, instantaneous electric water heater, is capable of producing hot water for multiple taps and showers (not to be run simultaneously). It is used in domestic and light commercial settings where there is no mains gas supply or hot water storage facility present, yet there is still demand for domestic hot water at multiple outlets. This type of instantaneous electric water heater is commonly fitted in studio flats, annexes and student accommodation.

So, as electric water heating technology advances, it’s important to consider factors such as capacity, physical size and controllability, as well as how often it’s used. Selecting a unit best suited to the project in hand will ensure there is always hot water available, while maintaining excellent levels of comfort and energy efficiency.