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Aqua Ariston Net offers remote control of your electric water heating

Aqua Ariston Net offers remote control of your electric water heating_1

Having outlined the amazing possibilities smart controls have to offer in our previous blog, let’s look at the benefits of our own Aqua Ariston Net app in more detail. Compatible with our Velis Evo Wi-Fi, this app enables you to get even more out of your electric water heater. Although you can set the temperature and manage the Eco Evo function from the control panel on the unit, the Aqua Ariston Net app allows full control and monitoring from the palm of your hand, via your smartphone or tablet. You can shuffle through modes and turn the electric water heater on remotely for a hot shower at the perfect time, as well as monitor energy consumption to achieve savings of up to 25% using daily and weekly programming.

Water heater management at your fingertips

Our Aqua Ariston Net app makes managing your electric water heater simple and straightforward, with a notification sent straight to your mobile device once the hot water is ready. There is also a wealth of added functions at your fingertips, with the app giving full control of current and set temperatures, allowing you to make adjustments with ease.

Savings galore

Comprehensive research and development has revealed combining the connectivity of Aqua Ariston Net with your electric water heater can save up to 25% on your annual energy bills. This is a result of real-time energy consumption analysis and reports, so you know exactly how much water and energy is being used.

Get updates in real time

Because the Aqua Ariston Net app is always connected, should any issues develop with your electric water heater, you will be notified immediately; not only does this help with servicing and maintenance, it also ensures you’ll never end up having to take a cold shower! Real-time descriptions and error codes will be sent to your device, allowing for a speedy and prompt resolution of any problems – including putting you in contact with our technical support if needed.

Aqua Ariston Net is the latest addition to our portfolio of smart controls. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. If you’d like to find out more about the app, the Velis Evo Wi-Fi or any of our electric water heaters, contact our Customer Service team today.

More information about the Velis Evo Wi-Fi electric water heater can also be found in our YouTube video.