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NUOS heat pump water heater warms North Dorset home

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An Ariston NUOS 250i heat pump water heater has been installed as part of a refurbishment project at the three-bedroom terraced house of a Shaftesbury resident in North Dorset. The property is located in the picturesque area of Gold Hill, which is renowned as the location of the Hovis bread commercials.

The installation, which was completed in February 2013, was managed by Dorset Energy Solutions. The original hot water cylinder was replaced by the NUOS heat pump water heater for use alongside a solar PV system, which would provide the electricity to power the Ariston product.

Martin Perrin, Technical Director at Dorset Energy Solutions, said: “We already knew what the NUOS was capable of, as we have one installed at our showroom. We recommended the product for this particular project because it was more than capable of meeting the property’s hot water needs while running in conjunction with the existing PV system – which could actually power the heat pump water heater. The installation itself was extremely straightforward, especially as there was already adequate ducting in place on an external wall, allowing the exhaust air to be sent directly outside the premises. We definitely recommend the NUOS as a renewable energy product of choice.”

With a CoP of 2.8 (tested in accordance with EN 16147), the NUOS is capable of raising the water temperature to 55°C with just the heat pump (a back-up immersion is present to bring the temperature to 65°C) making it an ideal solution for off gas properties or as a replacement for existing electric only cylinders. It also features an intelligent control system which allows the end-user to program two separate times for hot water to be available. The heat pump water heater was also recognised for its efficiency in the 2012 edition of Construction Products Innovation and Achievement (CPIA).