Efficiency and responsibility: our green challenge

Efficienza e responsabilità: la nostra sfida Green_1
Our brand has always been synonymous with cutting-edge products, and energy efficient.

If comfort is the heart of our philosophy the responsibility towards the environment is the mind that guides our actions to achieve it.
All of our new ideas and constant technological research are addressed in the direction of Ariston energy efficiency.
For example: on the use of renewable energy, solar thermal plants, using renewable energy from the sun, meet 70% of the hot water demand and 20% of the needs for space heating, while the electric heat pumps and the new gas heat pumps for space heating, transfer energy from the environment at no cost and with zero emissions, thus saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions by 55%.

Our goal is to achieve low power consumption and low emissions of polluting gases, studying and experimenting new solutions based on the use of new environmentally friendly based on the use of renewable energy.

All this to ensure an immediate economic savings for the benefit of our customers and reduce impacts on our planet.