Retrofitting electric water heaters

Retrofitting electric water heaters_1

Given their many benefits, the latest electric water heaters are the perfect energy efficient alternative to traditional cylinder-based systems, which has led to them being retrofitted in a variety of applications, including offices and retail outlets. As the products only require a connection to the electrical circuit and the cold water supply, as well as some safety devices, there is no need for extensive plumbing or complex electrical work. Plus, units can usually be retrofitted to existing mountings with little or no remedial work required, ensuring quick installation at minimal cost.

You may be considering retrofitting your premises to improve energy efficiency or enhance health and safety for occupants and visitors. For instance, with almost a fifth of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions being attributed to the commercial sector, the UK government has set the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050; as a result, the owners of commercial buildings need to find ways of enhancing energy performance without affecting employee comfort. With Ariston’s latest electric water heaters rated best in-class in terms of ErP, they certainly allow businesses to achieve the best of both worlds.

Retrofitting and upgrading to the latest products can also save you money in the long run. By simply upgrading the existing electric water heater(s) in your office or shop will help reduce long-term running costs and energy bills. Utilising units that learn from usage offer added benefits, as they will only heat water up during periods when demand is high; they won’t be left cycling during evenings or weekends when an office is empty.

Replacing or upgrading the electric water heaters in your premises can also benefit the health and wellbeing of your staff. Providing the latest, innovative products to improve their personal comfort can only make them happier and more productive. Then there are the additional health and safety benefits offered by modern electric water heaters, via advanced features such as anti-legionella functionality. Anything that helps create a positive working environment can only be good for staff morale!

With products such as our Velis Evo and Pro1 Eco now available alongside our market-leading Andris range, there are a multitude of electric water heaters for businesses to choose from. Each unit is available in a choice of capacities and offers many advantages to end users and business owners alike, ensuring exceptional levels of hot water, sustainability and comfort.

If you’re interesting in any of Ariston’s electric water heating products or have any questions about retrofitting them in your business, please contact us and our customer services team will be happy to discuss and advise you further.