Ariston Velis: discover a real masterpiece


An amazing video that tells us a story of passion, creativity and technology, that come together to give life to a new Ariston masterpiece.

In this new video Umberto Palermo presents the design and features of the new Velis electric water heater, the state of the art of the Ariston water heaters that was born from the partnership between Ariston and the famous Italian industrial designer.


“The stimulating challenge was to give the water-heater a new identity, converting it into a furnishing accessory with technological content”, said Umberto Palermo, that in the video takes us through the entire creative process, from idea to pen, to the finished product.

Ariston Velis stands out both for style and comfort. Thanks to its essential 100% Italian flat design, Velis boasts a wide flexibility in installation, with the possibility both of horizontal or vertical installation and an only 27 cm width, the makes it the thinnest water heater in the market.

A superior quality is granted by the double tank coated with titanium enamel, while its high performances makes it shower ready in only 30 minutes, 60% less than a traditional water heater.


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