Ariston Care Commitment to Take Care of Elderly Homes, Orphanages, and Clinics Residents’ Needs of Daily Care
Ariston Thermo Indonesia presents warm water bath comfort through water heater donations to 50 benefit recipients around Jabodetabek area
Jakarta, XX February 2017 – Ariston Thermo Indonesia (ATI), as one of the global leading companies in thermic comfort sector, recently conduct a social event of water heater donations to 50 elderly homes, orphanages, and clinics in Jabodetabek area through Ariston Care program. 84 units are given in order to fulfill daily needs of heated water for the residents of elderly homes, orphanages, and clinics patients.
Through Ariston Care Program, ATI is not only conduct water heater donations of Velis 30L variant that is one of ATI’s premium products, but also paying attention to its maintenance by giving full year warranty commitment, free shipment and installations of water heater that has been done since last November.
In the meantime, while asserting Ariston Thermo commitment in Indonesia, Richard Chua, President Director, PT Ariston Thermo Indonesia (PT. ATI) said, “As a part of company vision and responsibility, we feel obliged to sustain a corporate social responsibility program, as part of our concern to Indonesian community. More than 30 years of our presence here we would like to continue to uphold the company principles to increase the quality of people’s lives.”
Those are ATI’s main reason to continue sharing, particularly to elderly homes, orphanage & clinic residents’, hence it will allow every residents to enjoy the comfort of having hot water in their daily activity. This principle is certainly well welcomed by the elderly homes and clinics, considering water heater needs are required to fulfill daily needs of elder resident, toddler at orphanage and clinic’s patients.
Responding to the donation event, Siti Herdiani AKS. MPS. Sp, Coordinator of RPSTW (Tresna Werdha Social Protection Home) Bogor said, “We are very welcomed of Ariston Care’s good initiative. Considering the residents here are mostly elderly, warm bath becomes something important in our daily necessity. Therefore, we believe it will bring a positive impact to their health and bodies.
The representatives of Ariston Thermo Indonesia, Nina Fidyastuti Pratiwi and Rizky Agus Adrianto, as Ariston Thermo Indonesia marketing team has visited and held ceremonial event to directly handover the donation as well as providing complementary gifts to the beneficiaries in several locations in Bogor and Cipayung area.
Ariston care is a concrete manifestation of social concern from Ariston Thermo Indonesia to Indonesian society.  In the future, Ariston Thermo is committed to remain paying attention of social needs and make it happen through similar activity or other social activities. “Through this activity, Ariston hopes can provide benefits to all residents such as life quality improvement through a warm water bath and increase the awareness of warm water benefits usage to the beneficiaries,” convey Nina & Bagus during the visit.

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