Home Improvement Program

Home Improvement Program_1
Dear Resident of the Home Improvement Program,
We are pleased to present you with great savings for your purchase of new water heaters, not only when you buy them, but also in the long-run through our energy-efficient water heaters.
Ariston prides itself with its beautiful Italian designed water heaters, made to suit any bathroom renovation. Not only so, as the No.1 Italian water-heating brand in the World, Ariston has the widest range of storage heaters to offer. Our instant water heaters are equipped with the World’s first Constant Temperature technology to save water and energy efficiently (read more about Constant Temperature technology here). You’ll be spoilt for choice!
Check out our storage water heaters here
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Here’s a gift from Ariston for your new home. Receive up to $50 FairPrice vouchers!
$30 FairPrice Vouchers $50 FairPrice Vouchers
  1. Andris R 15/30
  2. Andris Lux 15/30
  3. Aures Smart SMC33
  4. Aures Smart Round RMC33
  5. Aures Luxury ST33
  6. Aures Luxury Round RT33
1. Andris Slim 20
To redeem the vouchers above, kindly follow the simple steps below:

1. Take a clear picture of your letter of invite to the “Exclusive Offer for Residents under the Home Improvement Program”, warranty card, and your purchase invoice with invoice number clearly visible (invoice date has to be from 15 September to 15 November 2017). Sample image below.  

2. Whatsapp the image from point (1) to 9695 8157. The Whatsapp message has to be sent by 30 November 2017.
3. You will receive a confirmation reply, requesting for:
  1. Your full name as per NRIC
  2. NRIC number
  3. Home address
4. Reply us with the above details.

5. Once details are well received, your vouchers will be sent by post to your home address.

Terms and conditions apply.
The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
Thanks again for choosing Ariston as your trusted water heater brand.