Ariston Lends Muscle to Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Asia 2016

Ariston Lends Muscle to Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Asia 2016_1
Ariston Thermo (Ariston) Singapore is proud to announce it will join the lineup of exhibitors at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Asia 2016. Slated for 7 to 9 September 2016 and held at Marina Bay Sands, the event showcases a multitude of energy-efficient solutions for the 'Cooling', 'Energy, 'Water' and 'Heating' sectors of the built environment.
Ariston’s booth will be at F15. It will be showcasing the following solutions:

Heat Pump Water Heater: Low Electricity Consumption
For many years Ariston has embraced going green. Buoyed by its in-house research efforts, Ariston has developed two heat pump water heaters: Frankie 1 and NUOS.  They are efficient and capable of heating a large quantity of water with an extremely low consumption of electricity, as they absorb heat directly from external air.
This range comes in monobloc and split versions (with external unit), and can be installed both on the wall and floor. The units boast a capacity ranging from 65 up to 300 litres. These heat pumps can also be used as an alternative to solar thermal as renewable energy source.

Electric Storage Water Heaters: Think Smart Living
The Velis Evo Plus promises new standards of comfort thanks to its SMART DOUBLE TANK structure. It heats water more quickly so that users can enjoy hot showers in a short amount of time. The Eco Evo function, powered by Coretech, also remembers when and how much hot water the users use during the day and week. Hence, users can save up to 14% on energy bills.
Designed for a smart fit thanks to the double tank structure, Velis Evo Plus is flat and measures only 27cm in depth.  It also guarantees longer durability with its smart self-cleaning heating element, in addition to the titanium enamelling of the double tank and heating element.  Its ABS safety system is activated in the event of energy or water failures.
The Slim 20 features an exclusive Italian design and immediately glams up the style of any bathroom. The ready lamp indicates when the set temperature is reached. It also has a frontal knob for easy temperature regulation. Its heating element is made with copper for longer durability.

Electric Instant Water Heaters: Instant Heating, Constant Temperature
Redefining the shower experience is the Aures series (Easy, Smart, Luxury Round).  Its allure is in its elegant Italian design and nifty functions.  The Ariston Constant Temperature models are equipped with flow sensor (or flow switch), a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors and TRIAC. These sensors allow the heater to measure the temperature and flow of the water entering the water heater. And with TRIAC, the heater is able to adjust the power of the heating. With the Ariston Constant Temperature technology, water can be produced at the exact temperature required, assuring comfort, water-, and energy-efficiency.
This series also has a special extra safety feature thanks to the anti-scalding system 2.0, specially designed to prevent scalding. This feature uses NTC sensors to accurately detect water inlet temperature. If the inlet temperature is above the pre-set temperature, the water heater will not heat the water flowing in, and it will warn the user through a blinking triangle icon on the heater.
In addition, Ariston also prides itself on the Total Safety System (TSS) – guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. The water heaters have been certified by the most safety organisations in the world, with the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) and Singapore Standards (SS).