NUOS water heaters

NUOS water heaters, NUOS PRIMO | Ariston
NUOS water heaters are capable of creating new standards in efficiency by using the heat from the air as a renewable source for maximum comfort and high energy savings. NUOS, versatile and easy to install, is the ecological evolution of the traditional water heater, and is the result of intense research and development of Ariston, to improve the energy efficiency.
  • COP 3,0 with air temperature at 20°C (EN 255-3)
  • Working range in heat pump mode with air temperatures from 10 to 40°c.
  • Ecologic gas R134a allows to reach water temperatures up to 55°C in heat pump mode
  • Condenser wrapped around the tank
  • Titanium enamelled steel tank
  • 3.0 COP at air temperature 20 ° C.
  • Range of work in the heat pump with air temperatures of 10 to 37 ° C.
  • R134A ecological gas can reach temperatures up to 55 ° C in the heat pump.
  • Boiler enamelled steel to titanium. Immersion heater.
  • Dual magnesium anode.
  • Digit display with touch-sensitive buttons.
  • ECO functions, FAST, Auto, and time of day scheduling withdrawals, Anti-bacterial. ECO
  • Thanks to the ECO, NUOS allows maximum energy savings by heating the water up to 55 ° C exclusively through the heat pump, without the use of supplementary electric heater.
    Legge Finanziaria -55% di detrazione IRPEF.

    Grazie al gas ecologico R134A non danneggia lo strato di ozono.

    Elimina la prolificazione batterica mediante un ciclo automatico di riscaldamento dell’acqua contenuta nel bollitore.

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