Wall-hung heat pump water heater monoblock

Wall-hung heat pump water heater monoblock, NUOS EVO | Ariston


Wall-hung heat pump water heater monoblock.


Plug & Play solution for green saving.

  • Optimal hot water comfort and fast heating time toghether
  • Super silent product
  • Daily programming function
  • Cop 3,4 with air temperature at 20°C (EN 255-3)
  • Cop 2,6 with air temperature at 7°C (EN 255-3)
  • Working in heat pump mode with air temperatures from - 5 to 42°C
  • Ecologic gas R134a allows to reach water temperatures up to 62°C in heat pump mode
  • Condenser wrapped around the tank
  • Low noise (silent function)
  • Titanium enamelled steel tank
  • Low energy consuption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • More than 2/3 of the energy comes from the air
  • Additional heating element
  • Active anode (protech) + magnesium anode
  • Lcd display
  • Green, boost, auto, voyage, boost2, antilegionella functions and time settings of the withdrawals
Wall-hung heat pump water heater monoblock, NUOS EVO | Ariston
  • High Efficiency
    Product characterized by high energy performance, reduction of consumption and pollutant emissions.

    Elimina la prolificazione batterica mediante un ciclo automatico di riscaldamento dell’acqua contenuta nel bollitore.

    Il sistema Pro Tech rappresenta la tecnologia più evoluta in termini di protezione attiva della caldaia. Il sistema è dotato di un anodo elettronico che rende il prodotto inattaccabile dalla corrosione

    Grazie al gas ecologico R134A non danneggia lo strato di ozono

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