Wall-hung electric storage water heater

Wall-hung electric storage water heater, PRO ECO | Ariston
PRO ECO is the best solution for the user who wantsa product able to guarantee the maximum saving and at the same time maximum perfomance and maximum safety.

Thanks to ECO technology, Nanomix+Best system and the ABS package, PRO ECO allows the user to save up to 10% energy consumption per year, to produce up to 40 lt. more of water at 40°C and to offer the maximum use safety. There is a new design for PRO ECO: the Smart thermometer is in the frontal led control panel.

It comes with 50, 80, 100, and 120 Liters.
  • Exclusive design
  • High precision temperature sensors
  • Easy and Fast reset
  • Oversize magnesium anode
  • High efficiency with expanded polyurethane insulation
  • Pressure safety valve tested at 8 bar
  • Product tested to the highest quality standards
  • Titanium glass-lined inner tank tested at 16 bar
Wall-hung electric storage water heater, PRO ECO | Ariston
    CFC free insulation material according to the latest environment requirements.

    A new technology which uses titanium enamelling for greater protection.

  • ECO
    Reduction of consumpution, thanks to ECO function.

    Frontal led control panel with smart thermometer.

    Much more quantity of hot water and top performance, thanks to the BEST Technology and Nanomix.

  • ABS
    Total electronic control panel for an easier use.

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