Integrated Solar Thermal System

  • Full Integration Of Solar Forced Circulation Components
  • Solar Circuit Manager integrated
  • Hot water always available: time programming by Sensys system interface
  • The highest efficiency and the lowest maintenance needed
  • Wide range to satisfy any hot water need
  • The system is optimized for the best use of solar energy
  • Domestic hot water with low CO2 emissions
  • Detailed reports about the functioning mode and the use of the renewable energy
Design & Tech
  • Innovative and functional design
  • Advanced full integrated electronic control
  • Easy and quick interactive guide for the installation and the main parameters of the system configuration
  • Kairos Macc CD 1 (1 coil): 150, 200, 300 litres
  • Kairos Macc CD 2 (2 coils): 200, 300 litres
  • Kairos Macc CD 1-E (electrosolar): 200, 300 litres
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