Integrated Solar Thermal System and Condensing Wall-Hung Boiler solution

The easy solution for renewable hot water.

  • Full Integration of Solar Forced Circulation components
  • Complete Control of whole System from Display of Boiler
  • Flexibility of System Configuration
  • Wide range of Easy-To-Choose Renewable Configurations
  • Efficient and Reliable hot water supply
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve premounted
  • Low emission: condensing Wall-Hung boiler NOx Class 5
  • Significant CO2 reduction (up to 400 kg CO2/y for each Collector)
  • Extra saving thanks to the combination of Solar and Condensing Technology
Extra features
  • Easy-to-install system thanks to pre-assembled components
  • Pro-Tech technology: intelligent protection against corrosion for maximum durability and reliability
  • Wall-hung boiler with multi-function LCD display for the whole system management
  • 24 kW Combi Wall-Hung boiler, 1 Coil Solar Cylinder 150-200-300lt, 1-2 solar collectors
  • 12 kW System Wall-Hung boiler, 2 Coil Solar Cylinder 200-300lt, 2 Solar collectors
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