Velis Premium, the water heater inspired by design.

More like a split than a water heater, our Velis breaks with the traditional concept of "boiler”, which is characterized by heavy volume and poor design. Velis has a peculiar design, it is minimal and slim.
His special design makes the Velis water heater unique and instantly recognizable.

From collaboration with Umberto Palermo, director of Up Design, comes a product designed to fit harmoniously into the bathroom with its compact form and its elegant panel, which is also customizable.
"In the world of Thermo design - said Umberto Palermo, director of Up Design - we have already seen how to transform objects aesthetically unattractive, such as the classic radiators in elements that can add value and a personal touch to the place in which are placed. On this basis, with the Velis water heater we wanted to introduce, in a sense, the concept of "water design". We design an appliance that is not only functional but also beautiful to see ".
That is why the designer Palermo thought to "dress up" the product with an elegant front panel interchangeable, proposed on several European markets in three variants: black, silver and sand.

A real novelty in the world of water heater, usually dominated by white, born from the clear need to harmonize the device with the tastes and expectations, to furnish with a touch of style to the bathroom.