The award of Ariston in the competition Movi_Co

Ariston Family Portrait premiato alla Triennale di Milano_1

Alessandro Pai, the young filmmaker specializing in 3D animation that has signed our video "Ariston Family Portrait" has received an important prize in the eighth edition of the Movi & Co, the competition designed to young people aged 18 to 35 years for the design and implementation commercials, viral videos and corporate films.

The video of Pai  received the Award for Best Production and Construction, having the better of 43 videos made for 27 partner companies.

This is a 3D animated cartoon that expresses in a creative and original way ​​Ariston’s values that comes to life in a young and joyous family. The video is composed by several funny scenes involving family members and their interaction with our products.

At the ceremony day, which took place on December 1 in the prestigious location of the Triennial of Milan, was also present Stefano Ranghieri, Ariston Brand Manager. The manager congratulated the young artist and his team because they were able to translate into entertainment values ​​that guide our business for over 50 years.

We accepted the challenge of Movi & Co, who invited the companies to innovate their communication through the use of viral videos, and with the important recognition received, we are fully satisfied. The team of creative young people worked with expression and creative freedom; The result is excellent.