The Ariston Genus boilers: the best expression of comfort

Caldaia Genus Ariston Thermo_1

The Ariston mission is all along to guarantee the best comfort, to make your house the best place where to live.
Genus is designed to maintain the optimal temperature depending on the needs of everybody; in practice the boiler can control itself depending on the external temperature to always maintain the required temperature.
This is possible thanks to AUTO function, that gives the maximum climate comfort and also an high energy saving, significantly reducing on/off cycles, which are so onerous for the energy bill.

This advantages reach their best expression in the condensing Premium version, where comfort and saving are joint together in the best way. In addition, the boiler electricity consumption decreases thanks to the full modulating pump, that allows to respond more quickly to the heating demands.

Thus you can have the on/off cycles reduction and as a consequence, the best acoustic comfort.
Obviously the Ariston Genus boilers don’t ignore also sanitary comfort, that can be maximized by high stability temperature and by a dedicated function, called COMFORT function.
Thanks to this function, the boiler outright gives domestic hot water at the required temperature, without waits. The Ariston Genus boilers really represent the best expression of comfort: in your house and in.. your bill!