Renewable energy for sport

Energia rinnovabile per lo sport_1

We turned the stadium "Oana Ilie" of the city of Ploiesti in Romania in the first echo arena of the country.
The building, inaugurated last September 28, was equipped with a complete solar installation and with an innovative boilers system using the compensation technology, which can almost meet the energy needs.
The use of solar energy produced can cover up to 70% of domestic hot water needs, while the boilers system using the condensation technology installed reaches an output of 245 kW.

With the installation of a complete solar system and a boilers system with the condensation technology we have confirmed, in Romania, our commitment to the renewable energies and to the development of sophisticated energy saving products, which can also be at the service of sport.

Our passion for sport in Romania is also proven by the sponsorship of FC Petrolul Ploiesti.