Clean air and lighter bill with the condensing technology

Caldaie a Condensazione: i vantaggi rispetto alle caldaie tradizionali_1

Our goal? Maximum comfort with zero waste, only benefits for you and your family. The commitment in research and development and the use of more efficient technologies allow us to achieve this goal. The boiler with condensation technology represent for us the next generation of comfort.

Compared to traditional boilers Ariston products range of boilers with condensation technology made zero waste with great benefits in terms of energy and money.
In fact a traditional boiler produces not only heat but also steam that is normally released through the exhaust.
The water vapor in the flue gas contains energy that normal boilers fail to recover; They disperse the energy produced during combustion.

Thanks to condensation technology the Ariston condensing boiler captures much of the so-called latent heat from the transformation from water in steam status to liquid, preheating so the water with a consequent energy saving and low emissions.

Our boiler Clas Premium use the phenomenon of condensation in his favor, by reusing the energy of exhaust gases and increasing the Net Calorific Value, thus reaching a thermal efficiency of over 107%; During this process most of the products of combustion harmful to the environment and human health are eliminated along with the water of condensation.

With the condensation technology you have all the pleasure of comfort.