Long term strategy for a sustainable growth.

Long term strategy for a sustainable growth._1

Mr. Salvatore Serio, the Asia Pacific Industrial Director of Ariston Thermo Group, is speaking about energy efficiency and green technology. In 2002 Ariston established Asia Pacific Thermo Technology R&D Center in China which is the second biggest worldwide resarch center.

In recent years also in China more and more people realized the importance of environmental friendliness and sustainable development.

Ariston had already applied lots of environmental protection technology for its very early development of Electric Water Heaters products in Chinese market, such as no-freon polyurethane insulation layer, Z-shape efficient heating pipe, highly sensitive temperature device, and intelligent timing device for heating, which aimed to improve the energy efficiency and protect our environment.

Establishing R&D center is to firstly express the confidence of Ariston for the Chinese market, and secondly tailor made more products to meet local consumers’ needs.

We launched the medium HEAT PUMP (air sources water heaters) products in March, and more products with varied volumes will be released in the next months and year with a competitive price: HEAT PUMP products will be more cost efficient, with even better performance on energy saving.

Ariston technology, once again is leading the Chinese market.