Design Ariston: reported by Umberto Palermo

Design Ariston: lo racconta Umberto Palermo_1

Efficiency, quality and comfort are since always in our DNA. Simply beautiful is not enough. Design should be fulfilling and functional. In order to well understand this philosophy we have made a chat with Umberto Palermo, editor of Up Design, designer that have created some of our most catchy products.

Is Design addressed just in a privileged way to desirable objects, such as cars, or could it be used also for industrial products?
Absolutely no, design is a simple “recipe” based on a democratic view that takes its esthetical and functional roots in contaminations built around  mankind and its needs. I think it is very important to pay attention to all details, not pointing at an exclusivity that is just to be looked at and not to be bought.

How did this market change and how is it possible to intervene on the products?
Needs changed and the way to perceive them too. It is important to assume a shape with the market, preventing the tastes of the clients and try to anticipate them facing daily needs. We should base on a functional design, with an innovative approach, in relation to the technology adopted and the esthetical element. The customer would like to satisfy its eyes, keeping under control costs; renewing the products, giving a new shape and maintaining the accessibility.

How do you manage the theme of design in the different industrial sectors?
I believe in the different faces of design, in the search for shapes and contents coming  from the experience. This enlarges and favours application parameters… a design with strong contamination in different sectors.

How did this view have repercussions on the industrail contest in the heating sector?
Raising as an example boilers, the crucial element of collaboration with Ariston is that we introduced an innovative approach in terms of positioning . We introduced the new term “waterfurniture”, trying to give to the object a strong connotation with different functions and adding innovative features that make it unique. An attention to details that is reproduced in a tangible esthetical attention.