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Ariston released the first TV commercial of wall-hung boiler in China


Ariston Thermo released the first TV commercial of wall-hung boiler in China, to launch its new condensing wall-hung boiler range.


Wall-hung boiler technology has been very popular in Europe, but is quite new in China, especially in the south of country. This new Ariston commercial aims to popularize this kind of technology and give  the Chinese consumers a clear perception of the differentiating home comfort committed by it, while comparing with other  heating equipment or air conditioning systems.


Moreover, Ariston new condensing wall-hung boilers are also equipped with innovative energy saving technology - condensing & auto frequency conversion – so they perfectly dispels the concern of high consumption cost, and makes the enjoyment of premium comfort free of burden.


Realizing this commercial, the creative team investigated home environment and family composition of many Chinese families with the objective to restore a true family environment in the winter, and recreate an ideal atmosphere where "every corner at home is with the same and stable warmth and comfort ".

Therefore every scene is exactly the demanding requirements from every family, like the warm house although snowing outside, no cold floor any further but barefooted touching everywhere, warm bathroom for leisurely bathing, the same and stable warmth for every corner.


As results, the overall tonality of film is very warm, happy and comfortable. To obtain these effects the production team used a good integration of  3D + real scenery, and presented audience dreamlike atmosphere with magical change from winter to spring.

The art director performed very skillfully with light tone and scene setting in order to well create strong contrast between indoor warmth and outdoor chillness.  


This commercial allow the Chinese consumers to learn more about wall-hung boiler technology,  that provides a superior home comfort.