Ariston is “Green Brand 2012”

Ariston is “Green Brand 2012”_1

The Ariston brand is among the highlights of the “Green Brand 2012” editorial initiative, the fifth edition of the publication that collects top stories of brands and companies operating in the Italian market with an increasingly “eco-friendly” offer of products and services.

Through the analysis of the case histories of several among the most renowned Italian and international companies (alongside Ariston, some of the most important and renowned brands are featured, such as Philips, Peugeot, Unilever, IMQ and Coca-Cola – to name a few) and with the contribution of experts such as Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Professor of Sustainable Marketing at the “Università Roma Tre” university in Rome, the book illustrates how environmental sustainability and marketing may co-exist successfully and even influence production cycles, and how the various green brands are capable of interpreting consumer needs by creating positive synergies between the market and the environment.

The initiative could not fail to overlook Ariston, a leading brand in the thermic comfort sector that has constantly striven to create products and systems guaranteeing maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.

Among them is Nuos, the top-notch Ariston product where comfort rhymes with clean energy and cutting-edge design. Nuos heat pump water heaters are the intelligent choice for reducing costs and consumption by up to 75% compared to traditional low environmental impact models.

The book - which was distributed on 17th May together with the magazine Panorama Economy, one of the most popular and prestigious Italian weeklies - was presented on 10th May at the 25th Salone Internazionale del Libro book fair to be held in Turin, during the "Essere Green conviene” meeting.