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Ariston inaugurates the first Ariston Academy in Vietnam

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visits Ariston Thermo production plant in Vietnam
Ariston inaugurates today the first Ariston Academy in Vietnam, in the premise of Bac Ninh (Hanoi) plant, with an aim to promote the quality of human resources in the heating industry. This modern Academy is the Group’s first in-house training facility established in Vietnam.
Incorporating Ariston’s over-80-year experience in the heating and water heating industry, this in-house Academy provides training in latest thermic comfort technology, in-depth knowledge and practical techniques in installing and using Ariston’s products that are best applicable to Vietnam market. Trainees include water heating installers, technical staff, salesmen, and promoters who are working for Ariston’s distributors and electronics supermarkets and other related key stake-holders such as architectures, project developers, contractors and construction engineers. 
On this occasion, Ariston Academy does begin its first training course with the participation of 147 trainees coming from all Ariston’s distributors and supermarkets chain.