Ariston air conditioning units: ErP and class A++ specifications

Ariston air conditioning units: ErP and class A++ specifications_1

In order to fulfil the requirements of the European Union’s “20-20-20 targets” (namely 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 20% growth in the use of renewable energy sources and 20% reduction in global energy consumption through improved product efficiency), the new ErP Regulation has come into force. It applies to air conditioning units with up to 12 kW cooling capacity, and authorises the introduction into the European market only of products that – through high performances – guarantee lower energy consumption coupled with a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions in the air.


Ariston complies fully with the regulation by launching on the market a range of inverter-based air conditioning units capable of guaranteeing – thanks to their high performances – up to 45% less electrical energy consumption compared to the already highly performing 2012 inverter models. Moreover, as from 1st January 2013, a new “Energy Label” is applied to all air conditioning systems (up to 12kW) that is based on the same performance evaluation criteria specified in ErP Regulation 206/2012.


Ariston stays ahead of its time by launching on the market a range of Class A++ efficiency air conditioning units 4 years before the introduction of such class through the European Regulation.


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