Ariston Nuos won the Trophée de la Maison

Ariston Nuos won the Trophée de la Maison

Organized every year by Monadia, the first Quality Centre for French consumers, the Trophées de la Maison (Trophies of the House ed.) are a quality mark granted to the best household products available on the French market.

After brilliantly passing the quality tests in the 2013-14 edition, Nuos - the heat pump water heater by Ariston - was promoted directly by the French consumers who tested it in real use conditions. 85% of them said they were ready to use the product because of its environmental and economic advantages.

«Nuos is an environmental-friendly product that can be programmed according to the specific needs to deliver hot water continuously»; «the heat pump and the Boost function together ensure high energy saving», said many of them.

Easiness of use is another advantage mentioned by consumers: «easier to use than a washing machine», «simple to configure», «excellent product, perfectly designed and easy to use», amongst the comments.

The winning of such an important award proves that Ariston Nuos can meet the most diverse consumer needs, being a state-of-the-art, environmental friendly, cost-effective product that offers the highest comfort level.


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