6 rules for an eco-friendly winter

6 rules for an ecofriendly winter

How can each of us contribute to protect the environment? A lot, more and more every day; starting from our home by learning that every small gesture can be important.

We have at our disposal the result of major technological advances, innovative ways to ensure energy efficiency, reduce pollution and consumption of natural resources. We can see the results in our home every day: ecological improvements in appliances, compared to traditional appliances.

In this light using suitable appliances and getting into some eco-friendly habits in domestic life, in addition to minimizing the impact on the environment, also allows significant cost savings.

An important example is the regulation of home heating during the winter months. Here are 6 rules that can really make the difference:

  1. To maintain an internal temperature of around 20 degrees;
  2. To program when the boiler turns on and off based on the hours of wakefulness, sleep and when you are at home by installing a timer;
  3. To install thermostatic valves or thermostats to separately regulate the heat in each room;
  4. To do annual maintenance of the boiler and radiators before the winter;
  5. To insulate windows and exterior doors to prevent heat loss;
  6. If a boiler replacement is needed, better to choose a condensing boiler: compared to an older one, the condensing boiler eliminates energy wastes and has greater thermal efficiency.

It just takes a few simple actions to have a warm and cozy home, and to become ever more active in protecting our planet and improving our quality of life.