3D inverter-dc air conditioner

  • Innovative, clean and slim design. With motorized panel hiding louver and display when closed
  • 3D Inverter-DC technology to modulate the compressor’s frequency and fans’ speed
  • Intelligent sensor of people’s presence to minimize energy consumption
  • Extra silent
  • Follow-me function to use the remote control as a thermostat, setting the desired temperature in the desired point of the room
  • 12 fan speeds for the indoor unit, to maximize the comfort
  • Memory function to save and restore the favorite settings for mode, temperature and fan speed

  • Platinum filter to remove bacteria and prevent the common causes of allergies
  • Aromatherapy to use the air conditioner also to spread the favorite fragrance in the room
  • Sleep function to maximize the comfort during night time
  • Mono split with 3 kW and 3.5 kW capacities

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