Water heating for the great outdoors

Water heating for the great outdoors_1

Garden buildings are growing in popularity, especially in light of recent circumstances resulting in an increased number of people working from home and seeking solace in an outdoor office. But garden buildings are not limited to being used as offices – they take on many other forms, ranging from traditional sheds and greenhouses, to more novel applications, including workshops and PubSheds! As a result, there has been increased demand for higher specification garden properties, incorporating the latest luxury appliances.

Whatever their purpose, most garden buildings require electricity if they are to be fully functional and are usually connected via the mains from the adjoining main house. This not only assists in terms of appliances, such as computers (when working from home) but also other vital necessities, such as heating and hot water.

Whether you want a sink for washing your garden tools or even a handy shower room (where you could even wash your dog to stop it bringing water inside after a muddy walk), the first requirement is to ensure cold water is reaching the garden building. This can usually be fed via the nearest mains connection from the house; of course, this only brings water in – you’ll also need a pipe to take any dirty water away.

For optimum comfort, the water supplied to your garden building then needs to be heated. This is where electric water heaters come into their own as, unlike with gas boilers, you don’t have to adhere to numerous regulations to ensure there is ample hot water.

Modern electric water heaters are extremely compact and don’t need a separate cylinder – so don’t require masses of storage space. This makes them easy to mount on walls or in cupboards, fitting inside even the smallest garden room application. For example, small electric storage water heaters, such as our Andris Lux and Andris Lux Eco, can supply a variety of outlets, such as a kitchen sink or washbasin fitted in a small garden property.

If your leisure out-building has shower facilities, slightly more hot water will be required. In such circumstances, our Velis Evo electric water heater is ideal, as not only does its slim, twin-tank design save space, it also has a low 1.5kW power supply for reduced energy bills. The unit also boasts fast reheat times (it is shower-ready in an hour), as well as a best in-class ErP rating.

So, if you’re planning on creating or upgrading a garden building and would like more information about the electric water heating options available, please contact our customer services team, who will be happy to discuss your requirements further.