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Stylish and comfortable light commercial water heating

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With UK lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, many of us breathed a sigh of relief when hairdressing salons and barbershops were able to re-open. Lest we forget ‘lockdown hair’! Of course, this country’s stylists wouldn’t be able to do their job without adequate hot water in their premises – not only for hair washing and rinsing, but also keeping their hands clean in the face of increased levels of workplace hygiene.

A typical hair salon or barbers usually has a couple of wash basins for customers, alongside a washroom and a kitchen (or staffroom) sink. In order to ensure these outlets are supplied with enough hot water throughout the working day, an electric water heater is required that not only has a large capacity, but also the ability to cope with regular use.

An electric storage water heater, such as our own Pro1 Eco is, perfect for light commercial applications such as hairdressers and barbershops. They are available in capacities of 50, 80 and 100 litres, with all sizes benefitting from Ariston’s patented WaterPlus technology; this keeps any incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, ensuring it does not immediately mix with the stored hot water. By reducing stratification in this manner, there is up to 16% more hot water available. *

These electric storage water heaters also boast Ariston’s ‘Eco Evo’ function – an electronic control with software that automatically learns from daily usage habits. This clever addition provides energy savings of up to 14%; the equivalent of running an A+ rated fridge-freezer for approximately a year! This self-learning functionality maximises comfort levels, while significantly reducing impact to the environment and hairdressers’ energy bills!

Another key feature of the Pro1 Eco is our Titanshield technology for durability and optimal tank protection. This sees the inner surface of the tank titanium enamelled and protected with a magnesium anode for long-term reliability – so there’s no chance of customers experiencing a cold hair wash!

So, whether it’s a bun or a beehive, a quiff or just a short back and sides, hairdressers and barbers can rely on the latest electric water heaters to provide ample hot water to salon basins where required, with no fluctuations in temperature for optimum client comfort. 


* Maximum estimated saving based on testing conducted at maximum operating temperature between current and new Ariston products equipped with WaterPlus Technology