Small in size, big on performance

Small in size, big on performance_1

Glamping is defined as: “A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” And there’s certainly an emphasis on the ‘luxurious’ element when you look at the variety of glamping pods available in the UK, with some featuring dining furniture and double glazing, and even log burners and hot tubs!

The great thing about glamping pods is they are extremely flexible structures; they can be sited virtually anywhere at ground level, and can be specified complete with running water and electricity for optimum end user comfort. Such luxurious accommodation offers guests a combination of an outdoor holiday alongside first-class facilities, such as their own private bathroom.

Site operators, farmers and land owners who manage glamping facilities will want to ensure guests benefit from facilities and appliances as luxurious as their surroundings – as well as lashings of hot water for a shower, of course! When considering the electric water heating options, it’s important any units are small, efficient and easy to install. Their compactness is particularly important, as in a glamping pod, space is at a premium.

Electric storage water heaters such as Ariston’s Velis Evo have been designed with leisure applications in mind. Its ultra slim (27cm deep) twin-tank technology is the perfect fit for glamping pods, ensuring a snug fit without compromising on hot water provision or end user comfort. Fast reheat times will keep guests happy for the duration of their stay, while the unit’s low 1.5kW power supply will please park operators, both in terms of efficiency and low energy bills!

With the majority of glamping pods made from treated wood and guaranteed for years, they can proudly boast ‘zero-maintenance’ exteriors. By installing a modern unit such as Velis Evo, site managers can also be assured of reliable and low maintenance electric water heating in equal measure.

If you’re looking to kit out a glamping pod with a super slim and super fast electric water heater, or simply want to discuss any of the options available for leisure accommodation, contact our team of experts for the latest advice.