Rental home improvements

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Rental properties come in a wide range of different sizes, from studio flats to larger family homes. As a result, hot water requirements vary between different properties. Finding the right electric water heater for a buy-to-let property can be a tricky process if you haven’t researched all the options available, as different models have their own features and benefits.

Modern, tankless hot water heaters are perfect for single-family rental homes, as they’ve been designed with small properties in mind. They can be mounted on a wall or stored in a cupboard, taking up a lot less space than traditional storage cylinders.

Of course, identifying a specific model depends on how often it’s going to be used, as this will, in turn, influence the capacity required. At Ariston, we have a range of electric water heaters suitable for rental properties. For instance, compact instantaneous water heaters like our Aures Slim Multi and small electric storage water heaters (such as Andris Lux and Andris Lux Eco) can all supply water to a kitchen sink or bathroom basin in a small property. For higher levels of hot water usage, larger capacity units are available to landlords, including our 45L or 80L Velis Evo range, which has the added benefit of being super slim (only 27cm depth) so doesn’t take up too much valuable space.

In addition, when assessing older rental properties, such as flats and maisonettes (especially those off the gas grid), immersion heaters can take up lots of space. Replacing these with modern, slimline units will create more valuable storage space, as well as help meet tenants’ hot water requirements. These twenty-first century products also offer greater flexibility in terms of programming; rather than the basic on/off functionality of older water heaters, today’s models have a wealth of modes that boost efficiency and reheat times – with some units even utilising Wi-Fi technology for remote smartphone control!

Landlords keen to find out more about which electric water heaters are the best fit for their properties should get in touch today to find out more.