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No cylinder required – leisure facilities should break from the norm

No cylinder required – leisure facilities should break from the norm_1

Luxury modern leisure facilities benefit from state-of-the-art appliances to ensure guests have an enjoyable holiday experience. Of course, whether it’s a park home, log cabin, cottage or glamping pod, ‘staycation’ accommodation, by its very nature, is usually limited in size. As a result, maximising the space inside without compromising comfort is absolutely essential.

So, when considering your water heating options, traditional cylinders should be consigned to history; not only are they heavy and cumbersome in terms of transportation and installation, they also take up a vast amount of space! If the owners and managers of park homes, holiday camps and other leisure sites want to meet guests’ hot water needs without sacrificing essential cupboard or wall space, they should look no further than the latest electric water heaters.

Luckily, most modern electric water heaters designed for leisure applications no longer need separate and bulky cylinders, as any storage tanks are built-in as part of the unit. Our own Velis Evo, for instance, utilises space-saving twin-tank technology measuring an ultra slim 27cm in depth, so it can be easily fitted in an array of holiday accommodation – without affecting water heating performance.

With the Velis Evo electric storage water heater, everything is contained to keep guests happy, comfortable and clean for the duration of their holiday. This includes the best in-class ErP rating, as well as fast reheat times to ensure a shower is ready in just 50 minutes (unlike a cylinder which, once empty, can take an eternity to refill and reheat).

From a facilities management perspective, the Velis Evo’s credentials are further enhanced by a low 1.5kW power supply; not only will this keep electricity bills manageable and affordable, but with holiday accommodation – glamping pods, in particular – often run on a low wattage system (for phone charging, lighting and sometimes heating), the less electrical demand there is, the better!

To find out more about the alternatives to traditional cylinders, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to discuss all your electric water heating needs.