Keep the water running

Keep the water running_1

We’ve explored the benefits of electric water heaters in a variety of leisure applications in previous blogs, but haven’t yet delved into the importance of periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance all year round. Although the level of maintenance is usually minimal, it remains essential so that products continue to run effectively and efficiently – and don’t ruin anyone’s holiday!

It goes without saying that installation and servicing must be performed by professionally qualified personnel and, to facilitate maintenance, there must be adequate clearance inside any enclosure for access to electrical equipment. This can range from 50mm to 300mm, depending on the unit fitted, so be sure to check the product documentation.  

Every electric water heater will have its own specific maintenance routine outlined in its product manual. But whatever the model, the heating element should be descaled every two years (or more frequently if water is very hard) to ensure it continues to work properly and efficiently. Magnesium anodes, in products such as Ariston’s Velis Evo and Pro1 Eco, must be replaced every two years – although if the water is corrosive or particularly rich in chloride, it’s highly recommended to check the status of any anodes annually. (Indeed, for our Andris range of water heaters, they should be checked yearly and replaced if necessary.) Anodes can usually be easily changed by removing the heating elements and unscrewing them from the brackets.

But maintenance doesn’t stop there; control items, such as the line strainer and expansion vessel, should also be tested in line with the maintenance regulations outlined in a product’s manual. Discharge pipes need to be inspected to make sure they are clear of any obstructions, while the pressure reducing valve (PRV) must be checked to ensure the correct incoming mains pressure to the appliance.

Finally, after any routine or extraordinary maintenance, we recommend filling a product’s tank(s) with water and then draining completely so as to remove any residual impurities. Once completed, units will be ready to keep holidaymakers supplied with plenty of hot water for the entirety of their staycation.

Any repairs or replacements should be completed using only the manufacturer’s original spare parts. Of course, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of Ariston’s electric water heaters, please contact us and a member of our team can help further.