In case of emergency…

In case of emergency_1

Whether it’s a planned refurbishment or an unexpected occurrence, temporary kitchen facilities can be required at short notice – especially in the event of an emergency. Rental properties can succumb to surprise environmental events, such as flooding or fire damage, through to less dramatic but equally unwanted factors such as rising damp or appliance breakdowns. Whatever the circumstances may be, there are times when landlords have to act fast to ensure tenants still have all the essential facilities for cooking and cleaning – including hot water.

Temporary kitchen facilities are often used during insurance claims and emergency repairs. Units can either be bought on site in trailers that are left outside properties, or in pre-assembled, self-contained kitchen units that can be connected to the electrical and water supplies. These amenities ensure occupants and tenants have all the essential facilities they need – including cupboards, sink, tap, fridge and a means of cooking food.

There are a range of high quality electric water heaters available that can easily be incorporated into these temporary kitchen facilities. Compact instantaneous water heaters such as Aures Slim Multi can be discreetly fitted into kitchen units with ease; they heat water instantly, ensuring unlimited availability on demand. It simply needs connecting to the water feed and electrical supply.

Another compact option is a small electric storage water heater, such as the Andris Lux. These can be fitted underneath the sink inside a kitchen unit, tucked away from view, with 6L and 10L models capable of supplying plenty of hot water. These products are simple to install and have proven to be the UK’s market leading water heaters within their category!

If you are a manufacturer of temporary kitchen facilities or a landlord looking to find out more about the electric water heating options available to you, please contact us today and a member of our team will be able to discuss your requirements further.