Free Gas Safe registration from Ariston

Gas Safe

As of today, we are rewarding installers who fit our gas boilers and cylinders by registering each appliance with Gas Safe for free.

When installers register online via, Ariston automatically notifies Gas Safe on their behalf, while covering the cost of each individual registration fee. Such notifications are essential in helping Gas Safe registered businesses adhere to the Building Regulations.

Once a gas boiler or unvented cylinder installation has been registered with Gas Safe as a notifiable ‘gas fired heat producing appliance’, a Building Regulations Compliance certificate will be sent to the homeowner or builder involved, while Gas Safe will also advise the relevant Local Authority of the work undertaken. Installations need to be reported for the purpose of satisfying the Building Regulations in England, Wales and Guernsey.

Mustafa Findik, Managing Director of Ariston UK, commented: “Ariston is committed to helping installers improve and grow their businesses. We know that registering each boiler or cylinder fitted via Gas Safe, while a legal necessity under the Building Regulations, can be a time consuming process, so we have decided to free up that time for our registered installers, as well as take care of the Gas Safe registration costs. Not only does this reward Ariston customers for their loyalty, this will reduce the amount of paperwork they have to deal with.”