Count on Ariston NET for total heating control

Count on Ariston NET for total heating control_1

The recently launched Ariston NET app has made programming and controlling Ariston’s heating and hot water products simpler than ever before. By utilising all the features and benefits of the company’s renowned Sensys system, the Ariston NET app offers real time control from any location.

Settings can be accessed and altered remotely via a tablet or smartphone, thanks to a simple user interface featuring a home screen split into a red area for heating functions and a blue one for domestic hot water. This same screen allows a boiler’s status to be changed between summer, winter and holiday modes – as well as switched off entirely.

Weekly programming is another key feature of the app, allowing different ‘comfort’ and ‘reduced’ temperature settings to be scheduled for each individual day of the week. These are illustrated by white and grey zones on screen respectively.

In addition, the app also benefits from a series of energy recommendations and management tips, which will assist users in terms of boosting efficiency and saving money in the long-term. An ‘energy report’ menu also displays any heating and domestic hot water energy consumption, as well as how much energy is being produced by any renewable systems in operation.

Extra features also include immediate notification of any system errors, as well as a holiday function where users can enter a period of the system to run in ‘anti-freeze’ mode until the day of their return. Remote diagnostics are also scheduled for introduction later in 2016.

Ariston NET operates on a straightforward, yet extremely effective principle: heating and domestic hot water products are connected to Ariston’s secure data cloud platform via a Wi-Fi enabled gateway device. The Ariston NET app then allows users to access the cloud service at any time, to check the status of their products and/or change any settings.

The Ariston NET app is available through the AppStore and Google Play. Alternatively, additional information can be obtained from Ariston’s customer service team on 0333 240 8777.