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Business boost for installers signing up to Ariston's 'smart' new training course

Business boost for installers signing up to Ariston's 'smart' new training course_1

Ariston’s exclusive remote diagnostics training course, launched in May 2016, has been specially designed to guide installers through the process of installing and setting up the company’s state-of-the-art ‘Ariston NET’ system. Explaining its remote capabilities, innovative courses will be held nationwide at Ariston’s flagship Centres of Excellence in Barnsley, Basildon, Bristol, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

Building on the recent increase in demand for ‘smart’ thermostats, the course covers the many features and benefits of Ariston NET to end users, as well as installers and/or aftersales companies.

An “Ariston NET” dedicated trainer will demonstrate how to physically install the product, as well as guide attendees through a ‘hands-on’, practical session. Other aspects of the course include registering the product to a cloud system via Wi-Fi or GPRS, alongside detailed explanations of ‘alternate’ configurations – including multi-zone and diagnostics-only modes.

Superb business opportunities

Installers attending the course will also learn how Ariston NET puts them and their businesses in prime position to remotely monitor, adjust and even fix boilers in the event of a fault. Remote diagnostics and fault finding will be covered as part of the system demonstration, illustrating how installers can offer customers a better level of service, as well as save them money.

Diagnosing boilers in real time can help enhance customer retention by fully understanding their needs. In addition, remote boiler fixing capabilities present the opportunity for extra support in the form of enhanced service offerings and maintenance contracts. Plus, its revolutionary live monitoring display “fault notification” has been designed for better business management and job prioritisation – again, maximising time, productivity and operational efficiency.

Available to all installers who have successfully completed Ariston’s “Boiler installation & service, including fault finding” course as a prerequisite, remote diagnostics training lasts for half a day and includes a thorough introduction to Ariston NET, explaining how it fits into the Ariston Thermo portfolio.