Avoiding stratification complications

Avoiding stratification complications_1

Stratification is an interesting concept in water heaters; it basically means that water is not evenly warm throughout the tank or vessel, but instead is ‘layered’ into different densities of hot and cold water. The science stipulates when water is warmer than 4 degrees, it becomes less dense at each increment of degree Celsius. Simply put, warmer water is stored on top of colder water!

So, how does this have an impact on hot water systems and why should it be of interest to homeowners and installers alike?

Firstly, the performance and efficiency of a hot water system can be dramatically affected, especially if extra energy is required to bring everything up to temperature. This can be inefficient if there is a large time lag between the start of the heating process and the point at which hot water is actually available. So, reducing stratification will ensure a more consistent temperature – and less cold water in the tank when a nice warm shower is the order of the day!

Not only does stratification impact how much hot water is readily available, it can also provide temperatures where legionella bacteria thrive (between 20-45 degrees), which can, in turn, cause serious illness. As a result, you should look to modern electric water heaters that reduce stratification, to ensure optimal levels of warm, clean and comfortable water.

At Ariston, we’ve developed the Velis Evo Wi-Fi – the UK's first twin tank technology water heater. In addition to its innovative, high quality, ultra-slim (27cm deep) structure, which is unprecedented in the UK, each tank is titanium enamelled for added durability. This unique twin tank technology reduces stratification, providing up to 16% more hot water compared to other electric storage water heaters.

Reducing stratification is a principle shared by our Pro1 Eco range. This unvented electric storage water heater utilises our patented WaterPlus technology to keep incoming cold water at the bottom of its tank to avoid mixing and stratification. As a result, this allows the unit to hold 16% more readily available hot water, providing additional comfort and more than enough for an extra hot shower!

If you’d like to discuss the features and benefits of Velis Evo Wi-Fi or Pro1 Eco further, please contact us and our team of water heating experts will be happy to help.