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NUOS helps sports changing rooms prepare for kick-off

NUOS helps sports changing rooms prepare for kick-off_1

Four Ariston NUOS 250 heat pump water heaters have been installed inside the newly-built modular sports changing rooms at Waterside Playing Fields in Glasgow. The floor-standing units were selected to enable the premises in meeting the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations, in accordance with Part L2 of the Building Regulations.

The installation, which was completed in October 2012, was undertaken by Bridlington-based heating engineers Tony Howarth Plumbing & Heating, which also built and co-designed the sports changing rooms with Ideal Building Systems of Bridlington.

Tony Howarth, Partner at Tony Howarth Plumbing & Heating, explained: “The new changing facilities required an energy efficient heating system in order to comply with the Building Regulations. It was great to discover that the NUOS from Ariston was capable of meeting the new venue’s hot water requirements. Once we had fitted the units inside a cupboard large enough to allow adequate air circulation, everything was in place in time for the new football season.”

With a CoP of 2.8 (tested in accordance with EN 16147), NUOS is capable of raising the water temperature to 55°C with just the heat pump (a back-up immersion is present to bring the temperature to 65°C) making it an ideal solution for off gas properties or as a replacement for existing electric only cylinders. It also features an intelligent control system which allows the end-user to program two separate times for hot water to be available. The heat pump water heater was also recognised for its efficiency in the 2012 edition of Construction Products Innovation and Achievement (CPIA).

Furthermore, to guarantee safety and hygiene, the NUOS includes an anti-legionella function, which regularly heats the contents of the cylinder to 65°C in order to sterilise the stored water. The cylinder also has a five year guarantee and the electrical components are guaranteed for two years.